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Below you’ll find a list of our closest partners that are essential in keeping individuals safe and ensuring families move forward in the healthiest way.

Cochrane & Area Victim Services

Cochrane Victim Services provides crisis response and non-judgmental emotional support to individuals and families affected by crime, tragedy and trauma to help lessen the immediate impact.

Cochrane RCMP

The RCMP are most often the first responders when violence or abuse is actively occurring in the home. They may determine the steps or actions necessary to diffuse the immediate crisis in the home.

Family & Community Support Services

The Family and Community Support Services strives to encourage, strengthen and stabilize family and community life.

Cochrane Society for Housing Options

Cochrane Society for Housing Options

CSHO provides access to a range of affordable housing options in Cochrane and surrounding area. Their support is essential for many families looking for long term solutions.

Cochrane Activettes

Cochrane Food Bank and The Clothesline operated by the Cochrane Activettes can be an important lifeline for our clients. They help us ensure that our clients’ essential needs are taken care of

Helping Hands Society

Helping Hands links people who help with people who need help and fill unmet, practical needs of our community. They are an important resource for our clients as they navigate their new world independence and empowerment.

24-Hour Support Services

To get help in more than 170 languages, you may also call the Family Violence Info Line at 403-310-1818

AwoTaan Healing Lodge




Eagle's Nest


Distress Centre


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