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Planning for Safety

Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe

  • Tell someone you trust about the abuse.

  • Think about your partner's past use and level of force. This will help you predict danger and decide when to leave.

  • Create a plan to get out of your home safely and practice it with your children.

  • Keep your cell phone charged

  • Have a safe place plan so you know where you are going (for example, a friend's house, a shelter, or a hotel) and a plan to get there.

  • Ask neighbours, friends and family to call the police if they hear abuse and to look after your children in an emergency.

  • Park your car by backing it into the driveway. Keep it fuelled.

  • Keep keys, cell phone, emergency money or debit cards in a safe place.

  • Keep important documents, and an emergency bag packed and stored at a friend or family members.

  • Have a list of phone numbers to call for help.

  • Your local shelter or police may be able to equip you with a panic button or cell phone.

  • Make sure all weapons and ammunition are hidden or removed from your home.

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