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Big Hill Haven

Box 1544,

Cochrane, AB.

T4C 1B5

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*Big Hill Haven does not provide on-line support. Our website is designed for resource purposes only.

Making a Difference


We are proud to say that 100% of your contribution will be put towards the development and planning of infrastructure required to bring a physical shelter to Cochrane for the security and safety of our local women and their children  in need. Cochrane's Big Hill Haven Women's Emergency Shelter will count on fundraising this year for nearly 80% of the costs required for initial research, planning and start-up, relying on support from public organizations, corporations and individual's donations.


We know family violence and abuse has no boundaries and happens even her in this beautiful town of ours and surrounding areas. It is a global dilemma and a community issue that can only be solved if everyone gets involved and Takes A Stand.



Donations of Funds

Financial contributions - allows us to allocate funds where it is needed most. Donations will help us develop much-needed services and facilities as we work towards offering our community support through:

  • 24-Hour Family Violence Helpline

  • Emergency Shelter

  • Wellness Centre

  • Child and Adolescent Services

  • Resource, Training and Counselling Support Services

  • Court Program

  • Community Services Counselling Program

  • Healthy Relationship Coaching

  • Men’s Counselling Service



Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries - Many citizens turn their personal celebrations into a lasting legacy by giving to the agency. Make a donation in lieu of celebrating a special occasion.



Provide the Essentials

We provide basic essential items such as clothing, underwear and toiletries for the women and children we serve, who often need to flee quickly and do not have time to prepare and pack. Stay tuned for more information and a list of essential items we can accept.


Other Giving Options

  • Donate a Car - We are working on developing a partnership with Donate A Car Canada, to accept vehicle donations for the Cochrane Women's Emergency Shelter. 

  • Planned Giving - Planned giving is a great way to support the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. You can make a real contribution to the success of our mission, both today and in the future with a little planning today. For more information, view the Planned Giving document.

Corporate Giving

  • Philanthropic Giving - We can help integrate and align your philanthropic objectives through our many programs that help end abuse.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities - Cochrane's Big Hill Haven Women's Emergency Shelter hosts a variety of events that bring together Calgary's corporate giving community, and offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities for corporation to help end family violence and abuse. Contact Us for more information.

  • Employee Matching Gifts -Many companies today understand the importance of demonstrating strong corporate social responsibility by supporting charitable organizations, and encourage their employees to share this responsibility to donate through donor matching programs. Through corporate donor matching, your employer multiples the value of your gift and with this, the ability to make a difference in our community. Check with your company's Human Resources department to see if this program is available.

If your organization is considering a tax-effective donation or wish to provide ongoing support to our agency, please feel free to call us at 403-472-9151 or reach out via email at partners@bighillhaven.com.


Host an Event

Host an event on behalf of Cochrane's Big Hill Haven Women's Emergency Shelter and help provide financial support for our agency. Contact Us for more information on hosting your OWN event.

You can email your feedback or any other questions to info@bighillhaven.com

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 ATB will ADD 15% of your pledge to the total  donation!



We want to hear from you!

Let Us Know

At Big Hill Haven, we value the experiences and opinions of our stakeholders. Please let us know what we are doing well, as well as where we can improve.

You can email your feedback to info@bighillhaven.com