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We rely heavily upon private donations and corporate funding so we appreciate your contribution.

COVID - 19 


In light of the current COVID-19 a global pandemic we wish to assure the families in our community that we are still here to provide resources, support and emergency shelter as required. We continue to monitor and follow the recommendations and directions provided by Alberta Health Services and all levels of government. With  Calgary and surrounding areas classified as being in a State of Emergency, it is important for you to know Cochrane's Big Hill Haven Women’s Shelter is here to help.

Please note, our Emergency Shelter services remain open as we know the incidences of family violence and abuse will increase under the incredible financial and emotional stress of the pandemic.  Effective immediately, we are refocusing services to offer support to those impacted by improving your accessibility to our (on-the-ground) Intensive Case Manager and all related services by:

We are all in this together and we promise to do our level best to keep families impacted by family violence and abuse safe while we deal with COVID-19 in our community.


We are thankful for the continued financial support of our Funders, donors and sponsors at this extremely critical time. If you are in a position to donate, please visit  ATB Cares at this link:


Cochrane's Big Hill Haven Women's Shelter has been in working in Cochrane & the surrounding area  actively supporting families affected by domestic violence since early 2016. We are currently working to provide emergency and transitional housing for those who need it most whether they live in right in Cochrane or reside in neighbouring communities.

We continue to provide a wide range of support to help families overcome the damaging effects of abuse, including housing, counselling, community programs and crisis support. Through group and individual programs, we will help rebuild lives in a supportive, caring environment.

All women are welcome here. Just know that we are here to help you. That we are committed to ending the cycle of abuse and violence by raising awareness through prevention, intervention and education.


Our Vision is to have a community that has ended family violence through supporting and empowering families.


Our Outreach Program offers support to women leaving or experiencing domestic abuse. This program can be a source of short-term support as women seek information and make healthy choices. The focus is safety, connection to community resources, and information and education related to domestic abuse and breaking the cycle of violence.

The Outreach Worker provides case management services to women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse or family violence in the community . While women’s experiences are unique, services may include risk assessment, safety planning, abuse education, emotional support, referrals, court support and support around basic needs as well as system navigation and assistance to access community resources.

Our primary focus is always safety and confidentiality and we meet women where they are at, without judgement and there is no cost for our services. And should it be deemed necessary, if a woman, with or without children, has an immediate need to be removed from an unsafe situation immediately, we will work tirelessly to get her to a safe place.

Since our inception in 2016, we have been hard at work with one fundamental vision ...

"Ensure our community is free of domestic violence"


To accomplish this, we implemented a 3-stage Action Plan.


We are encouraged, thanks to the tremendous support of our Community, Businesses, Developers, Support Services and Town of Cochrane, that we are now embarking on the third and final stage of building our Big Hill Haven Women's Shelter. We are one giant step closer to providing the women and children of our community with integrated emergency and short term residential and community services. We thank you Cochrane!


  • Establish Board of Directors

  • Acquire Charitable status

  • Launch Fundraising efforts to offer front line support

  • Implement response plan for victims of domestic violence

  • Complete a feasibility study specific to Cochrane & Area


  • Hire a qualified Intensive Case Manager

  • Solidify funding for short term emergency shelter option

  • Raise $250,000 in capital & operational funds

  • Create a Capital Funding position to engage with Stakeholders


  • Work with government organizations to identify suitable locations to implement short term housing

  • Enlist support of Developers for the House & Hub shelter model 

  • Secure additional grants & support once a location is established 

  • Hire a Capital Funding position to engage with Stakeholders



HERE in COCHRANE, ALBERTA in the last 15 months

  • Big Hill Haven has assisted more than 150 women and children living with domestic violence.

  • On average we receive 6 calls per day from people looking for help, guidance or support.

  • We have been unable to relocate a single person into long term care in Calgary or surrounding areas (no room)

  • It only takes $100/ day to get a family of 3 out of a volatile environment (short term response plan) 

  • We are working with Town of Cochrane & Developers to explore various options available for us to build a structure capable of expansion, generating revenue and growing with the needs of our community.

         Angus Reid Omnibus Survey, Canadian Women’s Foundation, 2012.

Your safety is our priority, so if you have any concerns that visiting this page may put you at risk, we want to help you HIDE YOUR TRACKS. If you're in a public place and simply need to hide your screen from onlookers, you can quickly leave this page by clicking: 


Keeping yourself and your children safe while getting the information you will need to make a smooth transition to a violence free life is essential. When an abusive partner discovers that the victim is obtaining resources, learning that domestic violence is wrong, threatening to leave or planning a getaway, the abuse can and most often does increase.


Please follow these basic guidelines listed here.

  • DO NOT save this address as a bookmark on your browser (the software that allows you to access the internet). Write the address down and hide it where you know your partner will not find it. You may want to write this address in such a way that your partner will not know what it is. You can also memorize the address.

  • Locate and clear web browser histories on your hard drive. The information in these files is created when visiting web sites. Delete the information in these files. Most often the contents of these files are only computer jargon, but there is a possibility that the web sites you have visited can be traced from these files. Every browser will create and store this information differently. (READ MORE...)

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“It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others,  sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.” 
― Leo Buscaglia


Two Bad Apples is an out of the box acoustic duo, performing requests from all genres and decades, never repeating the same show twice.

Shelters for Abused Women in Canada, 2014, Statistics Canada

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